Fast, Easy, Affordable.

You’re 15 minutes away from your new ticketing website

Step #1 - The Basic Starting Place

Sign up! No lengthy agreements. No contracts.

ticketCMS is designed for ease of use from the moment you get started. You sign up by selecting your package, enter your billing information, fill out a quick form with your company details and you're done!

Pricing is easy to find and transparent. There are no hidden fees! Your monthly rate includes the hosting, GEOIP function, SSL certificate, and website email service; everything you need to run your website. It does not include customizations or changes but we charge a low, hourly rate which is billed in 15-minute increments. If you need changes, we are here to help!

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Step #2 - Now's the Time for Details

Choose your options and provide connection information

It sounds more complicated than it is. You'll only need to provide us with some basic information to get your website installed and launched. We need to know the template you've chosen, your connection information with your exchange and your domain management login. The DNS login isn't required; you can change your DNS on your own. Providing your login just eliminates that step as we'll do it for you.

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Step #3 - It's Showtime!

Watch your website go up!

Technically, you can't watch the site go up. But once you've provided us with the details in Step 2, we can install the site. This process only takes a few minutes so the sooner you send us your information, the faster your website can be installed and launched!

If you've provided your DNS login, we'll change your information for you. You'll get an email from your sales representative to check out your new site along with your admin panel login.

If you did not provide us with your DNS login, you'll need to go change your DNS settings. You'll receive an email with the DNS settings and your admin panel login. Once you've changed your DNS and cleared your cache, you will see your new website!


Step #4 - She's all Yours!

Customize and Personalize your new website!

This is it. Your website is now live. You can now add your logo, change the colors, add your content, change links and much more!

ticketCMS is a turn-key solution. This means it does not include any customizations from ATBS. It cannot be customized to add specific, individual features. If you're looking for a more customizable solution, we recommend our Enterprise version.

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