ticketCMS Features

ticketCMS is your turn-key ticketing website! In just a few minutes, you can have a fully functional ticketing website. Below is a listing of the current features.

We frequently add new, exciting features to ticketCMS. By using ticketCMS, you’ll have immediate access to these power tools automatically. Our developers are constantly working to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in the secondary ticketing market. Our ticketing websites are second to none! ticketCMS is the new way to get started in a competitive market without breaking the bank.

Please note that features may vary by ticketing exchange. If you have questions regarding what is avaiable to you, please ask your sales representative.

Web-based Admin Panel

Access your admin panel anywhere with a browser and internet connection to managae your website on the go!

Advanced CSS

Write and add your own CSS code to your site! Take charge of your site or empower your developer customize it further.

Easy Config

Change the main theme colors of your website without a developer!

Ticket Rules

Set the number of days before an event to stop showing tickets to make sure you’re not trying to fill an impossible order.

Exchange Toggle

Need to move to another exchange? You can manage your information all from the admin panel.


Set your own logos/icons to be used throughout your site, structured data, and manifest files.

Site Information

Edit your company specific information and configure many aspects of the ticket listing and checkout process function.

Advanced JS

Write and add your own JS code to your site! Take charge of your site or empower your developer customize it further.

Mail Integrations

Integration ConstantContact or MailChimp for email marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management

Manage your social media account links from your admin panel. Add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

Social Sign On

Allow your customers to create an account with their social media accounts.

Edit Category, City, Event , Homepage, Performer , State and Venue Pages

Add custom content to almost every page of your website to ensure proper indexing and SEO benefits from your admin panel.

Custom Lists

Manage almost every link on your homepage to promote the events important to you.

Default Content Management

Add default content to every page of your site from one page. Dynamic tags will allow the content to change to display the appropriate event, city, venue, etc.

TicketGuardian Integration

Enable TicketGuardian and setup how it displays on your site.

Manage Redirects

Redirect a non-existing page to a new page to avoid broken links

View Sent Emails

Keep track of the emails sent through your site.

Form Submissions

View the submissions from customers from your contact page to ensure you always respond.

Terms/Disclaimers Page

Add your own terms and conditions to comply with Google’s requirements.

ticketCMS is a turn-key website solution. It does not include any additional features or customizations. ATBS may, but is not required to, add new features at the sole discretion of ATBS. Features listed above are accurate at the time of print. Not all features are available as availability is dependent upon the exchange and package selected. ATBS reserves the right to add or remove features as needed, without notification or consent.